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Sigil: I am successful; Be creative. Do not restrict yourself to this method. Instead of coding your sigil with this formula, you can encrypt your message with a computer program, or use a Templar cryptography system (in this link you can take a brief manual on classical cryptography). Be concise but not too much. Highlight a word, sentence, or paragraph, then select the style you want, and Sigil will automatically place the appropriate HTML elements into the code. (It will put and tags, for example, around what you've highlighted, making it a heading, for example). More on this later.

The Lost Sigil Ebook Editor Manual v.5.3 is now available on Amazon, First Steps Publishing; with Barnes & Noble and iBookstore.

Sigil is a free, WYSIWYG multi-platform e-book editor for creating epub files. The product supported by Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating systems.

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This book was written with the author in mind. It is not a CSS / HTML training course for those planning to do formatting as a career. It is simply a manual showing the capabilities of the Sigil E-book Editor. For in-depth resources on HTML and CSS, please see the References section of this book.

It is not necessary to understand what an e-book really is or how HTML formatting actually works to use Sigil, but learning the very basics will enable you to take advantage of advanced features in the program.
At first glance, you may find the Sigil interface intimidating. I promise it is a lot easier than it looks. And the more time you spend in the Sigil program, the more comfortable you will become.

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The Lost Sigil E-Book Editor Manual covers the basic functions new users need to know in order to create a well-formatted and validated e-book. I highlight important topics such as:

  • Navigating the workspace
  • Features and Functions
  • How to import your manuscript
  • How to set styles
  • How to set up your metadata
  • How to create a table of contents
  • How to decipher and correct validation errors

Sigil Manual


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