Sigil Of Abaddon

Expert Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Expert mode and Expert mode worlds.
Sigil of the Corrupted One
Use time30 (Average)
Tooltip'The truth often hurts far more than a facsimile. Live by these words, and you might just see what’s there beyond it...'
Activates 'True Mode', permitting all post-Moon Lord bosses to unleash their true potential. Some hidden content is unlocked as such.
This effect is IRREVERSIBLE, so only activate True Mode if you’re absolutely sure about it!
SellNo Value

The Sigil of the Corrupted One is a consumable item used to activate True Mode.It is obtained by defeating Moon Lord for the first time in a Expert Mode world.Once used the effect is irreversible, the item can also be obtained only once per world.

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Abaddon the destroyer

Again, gaze into it, visualizing that the sigil becomes a gateway to the current of Abaddon. See it grow in front of you, forming into the swirling vortex of darkness, and chant the words of calling: 'Abbadon, Lord of Death, I surrender to you and I seek to be transformed through your dark.

TypeAccessory – Crafting material
Tooltip25% increased throwing damage
10% increased thrown crit
  1. Abaddon is a Hebrew term that appears in the Bible. This demon is considered to be the symbol of destruction and an angel of the abyss. He is also used as a reference to a bottomless pit appearing alongside the realm of the dead.
  2. . Secrets: 00:28 00:46 - Not a Secret: 01:40.No commentary playthrough of Jonh Romero's brand new episode for Doom 'Sigil', showing every secret, in Ultra.

The Quasar Sigil is a Post-Lost Siblingsaccessory that increases throwing damage by 25%, and increases increases throwing critical strike chance by 10%.

  • 1Crafting

Crafting[editedit source]

Recipe[editedit source]

Crafting Station
Tiridium Bar10
Quasar Fragment20
Eldritch Spark1
Luminous Energy15
Ninja Emblem1
Quasar Sigil1

Used in[editedit source]

ResultIngredientsCrafting Station
Solar Sigil
Vortex Sigil
Nebula Sigil
Stardust Sigil
Quasar Sigil
Asthraltite Power Cell

History[editedit source]

  • 0.23.0: Introduced.
Sigil Of Abaddon

Sigil Of Apollo

• • Sigil

Angel Of The Pit

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• • • • • • • • • Quasar Sigil • • • • • • •
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Sigil Of Abaddon

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