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Icelandic magical staves (Icelandic: galdrastafir) are sigils that were credited with supposed magical effect preserved in various Icelandic grimoires dating from the 17th century and later.[1][better source needed]

Table of magical staves[edit]

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Posted on November 15, 2019 in Practical Spells This spell to ace an exam channels focus and concentration into a solar sigil that will be your good luck charm for the test. ūüďĚ While the best thing you can do to pass a test is study (a lot!), you can invoke positive energy that will help you pass the exam in an easy, pleasant way. Automatic Writing Sigils - This requires you to find a comfortable place and enter into a trance state in order to connect with non-physical entities - your higher self, guardian angels, or the Universe in general - asking them to assist you or answer questions.Then with a writing implement and paper, let your hand flow without being conscious of what you're writing.

Icelandic nameManuscript descriptionImage
A√į unni‚ÄúTo get a girl‚ÄĚ, this magical stave is used by a man in love to gain the affections of the object of his desires.
ÆgishjálmurHelm of Awe (or Helm of Terror); to induce fear, protect the warrior, and prevail in battle.[citation needed]
AngurgapiCarved on the ends of barrels to prevent leaking.[citation needed]
Br√ĹnslustafirFor use on whetstones.[2]
DraumstafirTo dream of unfulfilled desires.[2]
Drepr√ļnTo kill an enemy's cattle.[3]
FeingurA fertility rune.[2]
GapaldurTwo staves, kept in the shoes, gapaldur under the heel of the right foot and ginfaxi under the toes of the left foot, to magically ensure victory in bouts of Icelandic wrestling (glíma).[citation needed]
HólastafurTo open hills.[citation needed]
KaupalokiTo prosper in trade and business.[citation needed]
LásabrjóturTo open a lock without a key.
LukkustafirWhoever carries this symbol with them encounters no evil, neither on the sea nor on the land.[4]
M√°ladeilanTo win in court.[5]
NábrókarstafurA stave used when making necropants (nábrók), a pair of trousers made from the skin of a dead man that are capable of producing an endless supply of money.[6]
SkelkunarstafurTo make your enemies afraid.[7] (A similar looking stave is titled √ďttastafur in the Huld Manuscript.)
Rosahringur minniA lesser circle of protection.[citation needed]
Smj√∂rhn√ļturButterknot, to find out if butter was made using milk stolen by a Tilberi.[8]
Stafur gegn galdriStaves against witchcraft.[9]
Stafur til a√į vekja upp draugTo invoke ghosts and evil spirits.[citation needed]
√ěj√≥fastafurFor use against thieves.[10]
TóustefnaTo ward off foxes.[11]
Varnarstafur ValdemarsValdemar's Protection Stave; increases favor and happiness.
VatnahlífirProtection against drowning.
VegvísirTo guide people through rough weather.[2]
Vei√įistafurFor luck in fishing.

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What are Sigils?

Simply put, a Sigil is a symbolic representation of an energy, word, or intention statement that when activated, helps manifest the energy, word, or intention statement that it represents.

Working with sigils is an ancient magick that sends a powerful message to your subconscious, the spirits, and the Universe to manifest what you desire in life.

No matter what spiritual path you follow, it can work for you. The only requirements are that you know that energy exists, and that you know that where and how you direct energy is what creates results (or lack of) in your life.

Everywhere we look there are symbols and logos that portray a particular idea or feeling to the viewer. They're effective because our subconscious speaks in images and energy, and it only lives in the now; it has no sense of past or future.

Our subconscious does NOT speak in words.

So, no matter how much you tell yourself 'I am awesome', or 'I want to be successful', your subconscious won't even hear you. This is why positive affirmations, when used alone, do absolutely nothing.

Sigil Of Good Luck Chords

The art of creating Sigils transforms your intention statement or positive affirmation into a symbol that, along with your infused energy, represents that intention in a way that your subconscious can hear and understand it.

When you activate a sigil you are blasting that intention out to the spirit world while simultaneously signaling your subconscious to shift itself in order to be open to receive what the Universe and the spirits are offering you.

Types of Sigils

There are five basic types of sigils based on what their purpose is.

Intention Sigils: These are the most commonly seen on the internet right now. These are sigils created to help you manifest a desired outcome or energy like Prosperity, Gratitude, Have a Great Job Interview, or even to help you Improve your Health and Well-being. These sigils work by focusing a specific energy into a symbol that can be activated so that the Universe, helpful spirits and entities, and your subconscious all align to make that intention or energy manifest for you. They will not do the work for you however. You still must take action in the physical plane to manifest your desires. Sigil magick simply helps smooth the journey and can provide opportunities you might not otherwise have come across or noticed.

Correspondence Sigils: These are sigils created to connect to the corresponding energy of something in order to have access to that something or its energetic signature. Examples of correspondence sigils would be sigils for Earth, Air, Fire, Water, any of the planetary bodies or stars, the Zodiac signs, or even herbs you don't have direct access to but would like to use in a ritual - you can replace that herb with a sigil that represents it.

Name Sigils: These are sigils that are created to connect to a specific person, place, or thing by making a sigil from its name. This could be a person, any spiritual entity such as an angel or a member of the Fae, a company, or even a geographical location.

Linking Sigils: Linking sigils are specifically created to form a link between one thing or place and another. Any sigil already links itself to the entity or intention that it represents, but if you were to create a sigil specifically linking one item, person, or place to another, that would amplify that link. One use for this would be to transfer energy from one place to another by creating a linking sigil that links the two locations and then sending the desired energy through it. This might be used if you're moving into a new home for example, and you'd like to take the energy from your previous magickal working space with you. Just don't forget to release the link when you're done working with it.

Combination Sigils: This describes the act of combining sigils for multiple purposes by either overlapping them on top of each other and tracing the result, drawing them next to each other and touching, or taking part of each sigil and creating a new unique sigil from these parts. Times this would be useful would be when you're needing more than one energy at a time and don't have room for a bunch of different sigils all over your work space, or in creating mojo bags that don't have a lot of room in them to begin with.

Ways to Create a Sigil

Sigils To Break Them Up

Sigils range from the very complicated (like the Sigil of Ameth pictured at the top of this page) to the very simple. Here is a list of the ways that sigils can be created:

Automatic Writing Sigils - This requires you to find a comfortable place and enter into a trance state in order to connect with non-physical entities - your higher self, guardian angels, or the Universe in general - asking them to assist you or answer questions. Then with a writing implement and paper, let your hand flow without being conscious of what you're writing. You are basically allowing the entity to write through you in order to communicate. Then you would create a sigil based on what you wrote using any of the methods I've mentioned above.

This is a Saturn Kamea (or magic square). If you add each row across the sum will be 15. Adding each column down will be the same, and each diagonal will also equal 15.

Magick Square Sigils - This method of creating sigils uses both numerology and what's called a Magic Square or Kamea. This is a grid pattern made up of an equal number of squares across and down, and each square contains a number. When each row, column, and diagonal square of numbers is added up separately, they all equal the same number. There are different Kameas that correspond to each planet, so you can choose which planet has the same energy that aligns with your intention.

Using numerology, you would then attribute each letter of the word you would like to make into a Sigil to a number using any of several different ways and then draw a sigil by connecting the numbers in the grid.

Meditation Sigils - This simply describes a sigil that has been created through trance or meditation.

Pictorial Sigils - This type of sigil is one created with existing symbolism and images to express your intention.

Runic Sigils - Using a runic alphabet, combine the appropriate runes together to create a sigil.

This is one example of a Witch's Sigil Wheel. There are many that use different alphabets or different arrangements of the English alphabet. Choose one that appeals to you.

Witch's Wheel Sigils - A Witches Wheel is created by placing the alphabet in a three layered circle (see image below). Then after breaking down your intention as described under 'Word Sigils' below, draw lines from one letter to the next, drawing your sigil.

This is an example of a sigil I created using the 'Word Sigil' method.

Word Sigils - This is the most common way to create a sigil. Write out your intention statement. Then remove all vowels. Then remove all of the repeating letters. What's left over is what you create your sigil from by drawing stylized and connecting versions of these letters into a sigil. This is how I create my sigils, and there are an infinite number of ways that letters can be combined and represented on a page.

Creating Your Own Sigils

While you don't have to create your own sigils, doing so can connect you to them more easily. To simplify, here are some reasons why you might want to create your own sigils, and some reasons why you might want someone else to create them for you.

Creating your own:

  • Like I said above, your connection will be automatic because it's your creation,
  • it will mean exactly what you want it to without paying for a custom sigil,
  • you will be the only one who knows what your sigil means (keeping your privacy),
  • it will be in a style that you find attractive since you're the one drawing it (although the Universe doesn't judge on 'attractiveness'), and
  • it will be free (monetarily).

Luck Spells Wicca

Having someone else do it:

  • You may not have experience in creating intention statements that are effective (an experienced sigil maker should have that experience and can assist you),
  • you have to take the time and energy to sit down and really focus on it (and perhaps don't have that kind of time),
  • you may not have the artistic talent you'd like to have, and so cannot create what you envision in your head as attractive (and perhaps that's important to you),
  • you may be physically impaired or in ill health which keeps you from creating them yourself, and
  • you may not be able to find the privacy or physical space to create.

You may be able to find other reasons as well to create or not create, but the good news is that there are a ton of ready made sigils available all over the internet, either for sale or free. And, shameless plug :) - I also have an Etsy shop that sells ready made and custom sigils.

However you go searching, find something that you like looking at, because when a sigil appeals to you, that means your subconscious is already connecting with it at some level. That's the most important part - connection.

Other Important Resources for Your Sigil Magick

Timing and Placement for your Sigil Magick

Candle Magick Page - You can use the information here as one way to activate your sigil.

Recommended Books on all things Magick

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