Simple Sigils

Sigils are little seeds of desire and intent that can blossom in our minds only if we plant them. And we plant them by making sigils, visualizing, and activating them. We’ve danced around the subject of how to make a sigil enough. So, let’s jump straight to it. Sigil making is all about visualizing a goal and manifesting our intent. You really don’t need much to make a sigil. Dec 28, 2018 Sigils are a wonderfully simple form of magic and also one of my favorites. These little magical symbols are each coded with a unique purpose, allowing them to be incredibly direct and powerful while also being a very fast form of spell work for the adept witch. There is no single, definitive method for designing a sigil.

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Simple Sigils And Their Meanings


Comment by irishb

This seems to be Night Elf only - as a Human I cannot get this quest from the NPC.

Comment by 242031

Location: Aldrassil (59,38)
This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.Speak to Alyissia inside Aldrassil in Shadowglen.
Simple Sigil (Provided) (1)


This sigil was given to me by a messenger from our warrior trainer, Alyissia. It seems Alyissia would have words with you when you have a moment. Read it and bring it to her afterwards.


You made it. I'm so glad.
Much has happened over the last few years, <name>: the creation of Teldrassil, the corruption of many of the forest creatures here and abroad, discovery of lands we thought lost to us like Feralas... so much, in so little time. But those are just some of the reasons we are here, the most important being to protect our kind from further evil.


Soon you will see others from different races in the boughs of our home--do not let it cause any prejudice within you. They are welcome. They will aid us when they can. Not all of them will be altruistic, but they should be granted some amount of trust.
But none of this matters now. Now we must focus on you, and how you can aid our people. I am here for that very purpose. I will train you in the ways of a <class> as you become stronger. Return to me whenever you wish and I will do what I can to aid you.


You will receive:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 75 reputation with Darnassus



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Simple Sigils List

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