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Ssl_ctx_set_verify locations
  1. Every SSL connection has an SSL object, which in turn has an SSLCTX object, and that object, in turn, has an X509STORE object. OpenSSL uses the X509STORE object as a container for any certificates and CRLs required to verify another certificate. OpenSSL creates an X509STORECTX object and calls X509verifycert( ) for you, but not by default. OpenSSL’s default behavior is to not verify.
  2. The latter is set using the SSLCTXsetverify(3) family of functions. Providing a complete verification procedure including certificate purpose settings etc is a complex task. The built-in procedure is quite powerful and in most cases it should be sufficient to modify its behaviour using the verifycallback function.

Ssl_ctx_set_verify Algorithm Prefs

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SSLCTXsetverify sets the verification flags for ctx to be mode and specifies the verifycallback function to be used. If no callback function shall be specified, the NULL pointer can be used for verifycallback.

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