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Support for more dashboard extensions

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Download Tableau Reader to be able to easily share your Tableau Desktop visualizations with your team, for free. To enable product updates again, run the same command but specify 1 instead of 0. Turn off file recovery. The file recovery feature enables Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder (version 2020.3.3 and later) to save your user's workbooks or flow files so that they don't lose work in the event that the application stops unexpectedly. When the user reopens Tableau, a dialog box is shown with. Tableau Online Skip the hardware setup with a cloud-based version of Tableau Server. Scalable SaaS pricing and operations. Reliable, secure, and always up to date. Tableau-managed infrastructure. Works with Tableau Mobile to take data everywhere. Tableau Desktop & Tableau Server: 2019.3 - 2020.3 Follow these steps to install the driver for Databricks on your Windows computer: Download the ODBC driver version 2.6.4 or later for your environment from the Databricks website (login required).

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Parameter Actions, Date Updater, Data-Driven Parameters, and Semiotic Hierarchy dashboard extensions are now supported on Tableau Public. See all of the extensions supported on Tableau Public in the Extension Gallery.


Web authoring on Tableau Public (beta)

Create new visualizations on Tableau Public right from a browser. With web authoring in beta on Tableau Public, you can connect to data in Excel and text-based files including CSV, JSON, PDF, Spatial files, Statistical files, Tableau Data Extracts, and Hyper Extracts.

A dedicated viewer for Tableau Desktop projects that provides complete interactivity, allowing you to explore views of other creations


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What’s new in Tableau Reader 2020.3.3:

Tableau Reader 2020.1 Download

  • Resolved issues:
  • With the MSAS 15.1.x driver, an error would occur when dragging any field in the “Error code A7AE04D2. Unknown error communication with data source (COM 0xC1010000)” view.
  • The MIN () function added to the query causes a performance degradation from 2020.
  • The Tableau Desktop DRIVEDIR installation property did not work as expected.

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