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This card was made due to the fact of people not understanding that the Discord Voice Channels has rules. In the Moderator's opinion, it should be a given to not scream into the mic. The following list below are things that are not allowed to happen in Voice Chats.

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VC Rules:


Vc Discord

  • Swallowing/Screaming into Microphone
    Any sorts of screaming into the microphone will result in a warning. Continuing will result in an indefinite Voice Chat mute since you couldn't handle following the basic rule.

  • Playing Music
    You are permitted to play music with your mic but it must be not against the rules. This means having the N-word within a song or any racist terms/offensive terms is not allowed and can result in a ban.

  • Going Live
    Going live is allowed, but again it must follow the discord server's rules. You may only be allowed to stream movies, games, shows, etc but anything against the rules is a ban. Playing any Pornography will result in a ban as well, obviously. If you are streaming any games it is asked that you take it to the 'Video Games' voice chat.

  • Arguing
    Just like in chat, arguing is not allowed in the voice chat and will result in a mute for a certain amount of time that is given. We ask that you either call the person in DMS that you are having an argument with, or just take it to DMS via text.

  • Mic Spamming
    Similar to the first Voice Chat rule, any constant noise that you are playing to annoy people is not allowed.

  • Respect
    Of course, giving respect to people is the number one thing in this discord to ensure toxicity isn't present. If respect isn't shown the same amount of punishment will be given as if you were to do it in chat. We also ask kindly that you do not speak over others and that you have turns with who speaks.

  • Voice Channels [Lobby, Lobby2, VideoGames, AFK]
    Like said in the 'Going Live' rule, video games are to be streamed in 'Video Games' Voice chat, that is what it was made for. The lobby is to be used for any topics that are of course allowed to be discussed and that isn't against the rules. If you are having a debate in voice chat it is asked that you take it to 'Lobby 2'. AFK voice chat is self-explanatory, whenever you plan on continuing a conversation in VC but you need to step away for a few minutes you may join the AFK VC. This is all out of preference and it's not required.