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Title: Custom Veve Boxes

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Price: $40

Veve Sigil En

Size: 2.5″x4.5″

Veve Sigil Symbol

Veve of Baron Samedi, loa of the dead in Haitian Vodou, husband to Maman Brigitte. Noted for his obscenity and debauchery, and a particular fondness for tobacco and rum. Check out our veve sigil voodoo selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

Material: wood, felt bottom


This pyrography item is burned by Shody – this item is stained.

This is a custom box requested by a customer. She requested the veve of Papa Legba.


Veves Available:

  • Papa Legba – Road Opener Loa
  • Freda/Erzulie – Loa of Love and Beauty
  • Ogoun – An Orisha and Loa who is a Warrior and Powerful Spirit of Metal Work
  • Ayizan – Loa of the Marketplace and Commerce
  • Baron Samedi – Loa of Death and Fertility
  • Maman Brigitte – Loa of Death and Protector of Graves with Cross (wife of Baron)
  • Damballah – Sky Father and Creator of Life (an important Loa)
  • Santa Muerte – The Boney Lady of Death and Protector

This is a Made to Order item. Items could take 7-14 days to complete depending on size and detail requested. If item takes longer than the two weeks – you will be notified.

How To Purchase:

Veve Sigils

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PayPal: Please email me at [email protected] so I may send you an invoice. Shipping will be included with invoice; typical shipping price is $3-5 with tracking number.

Additional Info:

Veve Sigils

*Don’t forget to specify which veve you would like.*

Veve Sigil De

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