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Warriors vs Soldiers is a party game for 5-10 players, based on the tabletop game The Resistance: Avalon.
It is a deception game with a similar concept to games like Mafia, Werewolf and Among Us.

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  • Official server for Warriors in World of Warcraft. Join us for a place to talk all things Warrior. 128,035 members.
  • This server has a wide range of emotes, channel, giveaways and much more! The server Dark Warriors is all about having fun and it is a entertaining server to be in. You can make lots of friends in this server. The best servers in discord probably has this listed in them. In my opinion, I.
  • Welcome to The Forest: A Warriors Server! Hello, and welcome to the Clans! The Forest is a discord server for fans of the Warriors book series, as well as any others by the author Erin Hunter. This is a place for fans to mingle with one another, share art and fanfictions.

We are the Discord Server for the hit Roblox game Warrior Simulator! Come check us out and hang out! (: 17,130 members. Links to the different TERA Discord ServersHere's a collection of direct links to the various TERA related discord servers. They vary from class specific.


  • 11 unique roles
  • 3 special in-game effects
  • Multiple gamemodes
  • An ELO-based point system to track your progress and skill in the game
  • Server leaderboard to see how you match up against your friends
  • Limitless amounts of fun and laughter!

Soldier Roles

Soldier - The basic Soldier role. Needs to find the Warriors.

Coordinate - Can see all Warriors in the game, but must remain hidden to avoid being kidnapped.

Queen - Knows the Coordinate.

Ackerman - Can secure an expedition, but is revealed in the process.

Mike Zacharias - Knows how many Titans (Warriors & Coordinate) are in his expeditions.

Scout - Alerts everyone of their presence in an expedition.

Warrior Roles

Warrior - The basic Warrior role. Must remain hidden and find the Coordinate.

Warchief - Hidden from the Coordinate.

False King - Appears as the Coordinate to the Queen.

Ymir - Does not know other Warriors and is hidden from them.

Spy - Can flip the votes in an expedition.

Rules Summary

  • There are two teams, Warriors and Soldiers. The Soldiers will always outnumber the Warriors in a game. However, the Soldiers do not know anyone’s identities, while the Warriors know each other’s identities.
  • The objective of the game is to score 3 points for your team before the opposing team does.
  • There can be up to 5 rounds (called Expeditions) in a game. Players take turns to pick a team (of varying size) to embark on each expedition.
  • If a team is comprised of all Soldiers, then the expedition succeeds and Soldiers gain a point. However, if there is a Warrior in the team, they may choose to sabotage the expedition, giving Warriors a point instead.
  • The Coordinate is a special Soldier role who knows the Warriors’ identities from the beginning. However, if the Soldiers score 3 points first, the Warriors have a last chance to win by identifying the Coordinate correctly at the end of the game.
  • For more detailed information on the game (including in-game screenshots!), type ~rules in the chat.

Bot Setup

  1. Create a new channel for the game.
  2. Type ~config to bring up the games menu.
  3. Type 3 or :three: to enable Warriors vs Soldiers in the channel.
  4. You’re all set! Type ~host to create a new lobby, ~join to join, and ~start once you have enough players!

Lobby Commands

~host - Creates a new lobby with you as the host.

~join - Joins an existing lobby.

~leave - Leave your current lobby.

~kick - Removes a player from the lobby (Only the host can kick).

~start - Starts the game (requires 5-10 players).

~reset - Stops the existing game or clears the current lobby.

~add - Adds the specified optional role to the game. (E.g. ~add queen)

~remove - Removes the specified optional role from the game. (E.g. ~remove warchief)

~randomroles - Toggles randomization of optional roles when starting a game.

~roles - Shows the full list of available roles.

~players - Brings up the current list of players in the lobby.

In-Game Commands

~next - Starts the next expedition after the previous expedition has ended.

~pick - Selects a player to join the expedition team (E.g. ~pick @eren).

~kidnap - Used by any Warrior to kidnap the Coordinate (E.g. ~kidnap @eren).

~status - Brings up the state of the current game.

~role - Checks your current role with the bot.

Wow Warrior Discord

~roles - Shows the list of roles currently in the game.

~players - Shows the names of the players currently in the game.

General Commands

~rules - Provides a breakdown of the game rules and roles, as well as some common tips and strategies.

~profile - Checks a person’s profile (E.g. ~profile @levi).

~badges - Checks a person’s badges.

~gamestats - Brings up the records of all games played.

~lb - Brings up the server leaderboard.

Special Thanks

WaffleBears28 - For the game card designs and server icon

notabear629 - For his many creative ideas!

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