Watch Amazon Prime With Friends

  • People with Amazon Prime access just click on the Watch Party icon around the video. Add a custom name and share a Watch Party link to their friends. As a host you can play, pause, skip, and seek the video. There are some limitations right now Amazon Watch Party feature is not fully implemented but it will be live soon.
  • You can now sync Amazon Prime movies with your friends – with Hulu and Disney Plus to follow. By Henry St Leger 08 June 2020. Here are the best Netflix movies to watch right now.
  1. Watch Amazon Prime Together With Friends

To access Watch Party, you have to join Amazon Prime Video, which costs $8.99/month. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, then you already have access to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Watch Party.

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Amazon isn't one to let Netflix Party have all the fun. The company just announced a new service for your next binge watch with friends: Amazon Prime Video Watch Party. You can use it to watch hundreds of movies and shows from Amazon's catalog while chatting with up to 100 friends, no plugin or download required.

Amazon started rolling out the Watch Party feature to Prime subscribers in the US in June. For now, the feature is available on almost all desktop browsers, except for Apple's Safari. Smart TVs, game consoles, mobile phones and tablets aren't currently supported.


Virtual watch parties through Netflix and YouTube have been a boon for many during coronaviruslockdowns, giving friends and family a way to connect and socialize (and an excuse to order that wine or beer delivery). Even though many states have begun opening up, movie theaters and other places you may have gone to for fun are still closed, or open only with sizable restrictions -- making virtual watch parties a new mainstay.

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Here's how to set up an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party with your friends.

Make sure everyone in your group has a Prime Video account or Prime membership

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To use the Watch Party feature, everyone needs access to Amazon Prime. A Prime Video account costs $9 a month for a standalone subscription or comes as part of the $119 annual Prime membership. You have to be in the US to use the service.

If your friends don't have Prime, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for a subscription, just make sure they cancel before the month is up if they don't want to get automatically charged for the next month. You can also share your account with one other person, such as a family member, for two simultaneous streams.

How to start a Prime Video Watch Party

After everyone's logged into their Prime accounts on their desktop browsers, you can get the Watch Party started. Here's how.

1. Choose which show or movie you want to watch.

Watch Amazon Prime With Friends

You can choose from Amazon Prime's full catalog, which includes about 200 Amazon Original Series (including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Fleabag, Good Omens, The Man In The High Castle and Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan) and tons of movies (such as The Big Sick, Manchester By the Sea, Late Night and The Report). You'll also find a massive catalog of B-movies if you're in the mood for something terrible yet fun to watch with friends.

2. Once you've selected a movie or TV show, tap the Watch Party icon under the title.

3. A box will pop up that says Let's Start a Watch Party. Enter the name you want to use while chatting in the box. Hit Create Watch Party.

4. You'll see a box that says Invite Friends, and includes a personalized link to share.

5. Once everyone has entered the chat, you can start your Watch Party. The host can play, pause and seek for the group. (This is a little different from the Netflix Party extension, which allows anyone in the group to control the screen.)


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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon offers its Amazon Prime Video subscribers the ability to watch TV shows and movies with friends via a feature called Watch Party.


The Watch Party feature is available in the US and UK. Here's everything you need to know, including what it is, how it works and how to setup a Watch Party.

What is a Prime Video Watch Party?

An Amazon Prime Video Watch Party can include up to 100 participants in one group, but each person must have Amazon Prime membership. You should be able to still take part in a Watch Party if you're on holiday or away for work (pending the availability of content) but UK-based Prime members can't take part in a Watch Party started by someone with an Amazon US account, and vice versa. If you were in the US and wanted to participate with a UK Watch Party though, that would be possible, as long as you signed in with your UK account.

Once you have a membership, you can use Prime Video to join or start a Watch Party. You can even choose from thousands of titles, including originals and licensed content. Originals include Fleabag, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jack Ryan, The Big Sick, The Boys, Homecoming, and My Spy. Titles available for rent or purchase are also available to watch in a Watch Party, but each participant would need to buy or rent the title, as they would if they were watching on their own.

How to start a Prime Video Watch Party

Prime Video Watch Parties allow synchronised playback and enable chat, so you can watch and talk to other guests in real-time. You must share a link with family and friends to experience something together, however. The built-in chat feature supports both text and built-in emojis.

  1. Browse to an eligible title on a desktop browser. Apple's Safari is not supported.
  2. Select the 'Watch Party' icon (party hat) next to the Watch Trailer and Add to List icons.
  3. Enter a desired user name under 'Chat as'
  4. Click 'Create Watch Party' to generate a Watch Party link.
  5. Invite friends using the 'Share' icon via email, Twitter or Facebook
  6. Select 'Copy Link' to share the Watch Party via available third-party applications.
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To get started with a Watch Party, click on the Watch Party icon on the movie or show's page on Amazon Prime Video's desktop website. You'll then get a link you can share with friends and family. Those who click the link will be able to join the session and can then chat with others.


Watch Amazon Prime Together With Friends

If you want to join a Watch party, click on the link you've received using a desktop web browser. Once you've been redirected to the title, enter your desired username under 'Chat as' and then click 'Join Watch Party' to join the Watch Party.